Consulting and Client Representation

At Tangaroa Consulting services Ltd we specialize in Subsea burial knowledge. Be it Power or telecoms cables, we can recommend the best assets for your projects. Having worked on a vast array of equipment and projects all around the world, in both a maintenance capacity and client representative, we can offer the best advice to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.


Underwater Search, Inspection and Recovery.

We work closely with the emergency and private sectors to offer underwater solutions for a vast array of requirements. Our highly advanced, easily configurable ROV systems are deployable without heavy lift gear, making them ideal for remote locations. Should our clients require a harbour or a hull inspection using video or the latest high-resolution sonar for zero visibility situations, we can deliver a fully recorded package for future refence. We can search and recover any objects that have been discarded or lost and bring them back to the surface.

At Tangaroa consulting, we have the right equipment to get the job done.


Search – we use ROV systems capable of working in depths of 100m that can search out objects in zero visibility using high definition sonar. The ROV is fitted with a GPS tracking unit so that its movement can be tracked in real time on a map. Any areas of interest can be marked on the map giving GPS coordinates so that the area can be located again quickly for further inspection. All cameras and sonars are recorded so that the client has a full record of the tasks that have been carried out.


Recover – once the object has been found we can recover it back to the surface. We use a variety of techniques to ensure that any objects recovered are done so with care. ROV grippers and quick attach lanyards can be used to assist recovery.


Inspection – should you have an area underwater that requires inspecting, we can help. Whether it’s a harbour or hull inspection, fishing nets, aquaculture, locks and dams, if its underwater we can do it. We will ensure that a full inspection is carried out in accordance with the client’s requirements. All data is logged and recorded and delivered to the client for future reference.