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Compact CWDM Mux Demux, 2.2dB Max IL



Ideal for adding addition components to original Fiber networks. Increase the  capacity of you older 1310/1550 network by adding additional frequency’s. They can be used with our media converters and SFP modules to allow IP cameras or Ethernet based sonars to be used.

Our CCWDM can be supplied with the following connectors LC/UPC – SC/UPC – ST/UPC – FC/UPC – LC/APC – SC/APC – ST/APC – FC/APC

Compact coarse wavelength division multiplexers (CCWDM Mux) is the mini version of CWDM Mux. Compared with traditional CWDM technology, CCWDM technology uses free-space optics platform which can significantly improve optical performance, in a package less than 1/4 the size of conventional CWDM modules. Main advantages of CCWDM Mux are high wavelength accuracy and stability, low insertion loss, high isolation and low PDL (polarization dependent loss)


Product Specification
Number of Channel 2/4/8/9 Wavelength 1270-1610nm
Channel Spacing 20nm Channel Bandwidth ±6.5nm
1310nm Port Pass Band Width 1260nm~1360nm Technology Free space
Operating Temperature -40°C~+85°C Storage Temperature -40°C~+85°C